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Our 3D Metrology

In order to stay competitive, today’s manufacturing industry needs new state-of-the-art solutions in high-end metrology. What’s more, industry 4.0 is impossible without 3D metrology. The sensors that enable 3D metrology in automated measuring and quality control systems may seem unspectacular, but they are the precondition for digitalizing and automating industrial processes. Such processes need sensor-based monitoring to remain stable and enable any necessary adaptation.

To meet the needs of high-speed production processes ultra-fast inline measurement results are required. That inline 3D metrology has to be contact-free, precise but robust, function error-free, and deliver high-res 3D imaging. Precitec's products fulfill all those requirements.

And this is what we can do for you:

Advice:  Our highly qualified sales staff will provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of 3D metrology.

Cooperation: We will work closely with you to solve your specific measuring assignment in the best possible way.

Customer-oriented partnership:  We will develop individual solutions to your customer-specific problems. All the information is of course confidential.

Tested: In our applications laboratory we will carry out test measurements to provide you with clear results.

Flexible:  Our modular product portfolio features freely combinable sensors and measuring probes. OEM versions are also available.

Service: We will support you during commissioning and help with any subsequent troubleshooting via our first-class after-sales service.

Our Portfolio

Product Overview

Line Sensor CHRocodile CLS 2Pro

  • Unique line length-NA combination for high-speed inspection
  • For a wide variety of inspection applications
  • High throughput

Enovasense Point Sensor

  • Next-generation laser photothermal probe
  • Light in weight and easy to integrate
  • Works on all types of coatings 
  • High precision…

Flying Spot Scanner 310

  • Ultra-fast scanner for short cycle times
  • No additional axis or precision hardware needed
  • Measures in a single scan bow, warp,…

High speed 3D confocal line sensor CHRocodile CLS 2

  • Next-generation 3D confocal line sensor 
  • High speed, utmost precision
  • Solves a wide variety of measuring tasks
  • No shadowing
  • Ri…

CHRocodile Mini confocal sensor

CHRocodile Mini - mini size, maxi performance

  • Low-price, state-of-the-art confocal sensor
  • Small footprint: compact dimensions…

CHRocodile 2S | 2SE | 2S HS

  • Works on all kinds of surfaces and materials
  • No shadowing effects
  • Ideal for inline measurements
  • Measurement at high angles
  • Exa…

CHRocodile 2 IT

  • Ultra-fast
  • Wide measuring range
  • Excellent on differing surfaces
  • Exactly the right probe for your needs

CHRocodile C

  • Optoelectronics and optical probe in a single housing
  • Value for money
  • CHRocodile C HS, high sensitivity version available

CHRocodile 2 K

  • Plastic wall thickness measured
  • Precision results
  • Compact design
  • Exactly the right probe for your needs

Precitec Medical EyeTracker

  • High speed
  • Successful refractive surgery
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Safety first

CHRocodile CVC

  • High lateral resolution
  • High depth of field – no need to autofocus
  • High contrast on all types of material
  • High speed
  • Exchangea…

Flying Spot Scanner

  • Replaces X-Y motion system
  • Set up your own scanning path for any kind of material
  • Saves time and money

CHRocodile 2 DPS

  • Cost efficiency
  • Direct output of result
  • Various fields of application
  • Exactly the right optical probe for your needs

CHRocodile MPS 2L

  • Replaces up to 24 individual measuring channels
  • Maximum flexibility in selection of point and line measuring probes
  • Dedicated…

CHRocodile MPS sensor family

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Ideal for solving multiple measuring tasks simultaneously
  • Flexible positioning of measuring probes  
  • Cost-e…

CHRocodile CLS HS

  • Ultra-precise inline quality control
  • High lateral resolution 
  • For inline measurements
  • Angled version available

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