Multipoint Sensors

Our multipoint sensors use chromatic confocal measurement technology to simultaneously measure layer thicknesses or distances in multiple positions. Multipoint sensors are thus well suited to measuring large-scale objects such as automotive windshields in automotive industry or flat glass. The simultaneous deployment of up to 96 individual optical probes enables a very flexible application for various geometries and makes for shorter measurement times than conventional single-point sensors.  


Our Products

CHRocodile 2 DPS

CHRocodile 2 DPS
  • Cost efficiency
  • Direct output of result
  • Various fields of application
  • Exactly the right optical probe for your needs

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CHRocodile MPS 2L

  • Replaces up to 24 individual measuring channels
  • Maximum flexibility in selection of point and line measuring probes
  • De…

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CHRocodile MPS 2L

CHRocodile MPS sensor family

CHRocodile MPS
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Ideal for solving multiple measuring tasks simultaneously
  • Flexible positioning of measuring probes  
  • Cost-efficient

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