Quality assurance medical technology

Precitec EyeTracker - the eyes of medical metrology

With human lives at stake, quality inspection plays a vital role in the manufacturing of medical technology equipment. Our CHRocodile 2 IT enables ultra-precise and fast inline measurement of intraocular lenses (IOLs), syringes, plastic tubes, medical solution bags, stents and much more.


The high measurement speed is a particular advantage for such mass-produced medical supplies.

Moreover, the Precitec EyeTracker has set new standards in Ophthalmology – refractive laser surgery through high-speed eye tracking in up to six dimensions and precise eye movement compensation. By following all the involuntary and uncontrollable movements of a patient’s eye the Precitec EyeTracker makes a critical contribution to precise, safe and customized laser surgery. Every Precitec EyeTracker complies with the medical industry's high quality requirements, e.g. through ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 certification.

3D Metrology – Applications at a Glance

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