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High-tech welding optics and intelligent monitoring systems for your laser welding process in 24/7 series production with traceability & documentation.

Durable welded joints through intelligent process monitoring

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With the automation of industrial production processes, the demand for innovative and efficient laser welding solutions is also increasing. Our modular welding heads as well as various high-precision process monitoring systems have proven themselves in various industrial sectors worldwide. They contribute to the quality optimization of tight and solid weld seams - whether in remote laser welding in lightweight construction, laser welding of components for the automotive industry, or 3D printing for additive manufacturing.    

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Product Overview Laser Welding


The NexoWelder is the solution for efficient and economical laser welding in the medium power range up to 8 kW.

WeldMaster 4.0 Inspect

The WeldMaster 4.0 Inspect can work independently of the actual welding station. It is a self-sufficient quality control system that…

WeldMaster 4.0 Scan&Track

The WeldMaster 4.0 Scan&Track combines tracking with intelligent beam guidance for your automated welding process. The tracking…

WeldMaster 4.0 Track

The WeldMaster 4.0 Track measures the component position in the immediate vicinity of the welding position contactlessly, quickly,…

Precitec IDM

The Precitec IDM measures the welding depth coaxially during the laser welding process. Measurement data is always recorded directly…

Laser Welding Monitor LWM 4.0

The Laser Welding Monitor LWM 4.0 is used for the online process monitoring in many areas of industrial production in 24/7…

WeldMaster 4.0 Scan&Track and Inspect

A highly accurate tracking of the joining position, intelligent beam guidance, and forming as well as online quality control - the…


The CoaxPrinter offers you a wide range of applications in additive manufacturing - from filigree structures to complex large-volume…

Focusing optics for laser cladding with metal powder

In the field of laser cladding, our welding optics with powder nozzle allow you a wide range of applications. Almost pore-free…

Focusing optics YW30 | YW52

Whether you need a simple or very complex welding optics design - we adapt to your machine design and your requirements. The modular…

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