Laser material processing in mechanical engineering

Efficient cutting heads for use in laser cutting machines for tomorrow's production

Semi-finished products and finished parts of various sizes, and made of different materials, are produced on flatbed and tube cutting machines. These parts are used in mechanical and industrial engineering, commercial vehicles, or construction machinery. Laser cutting is even utilized in furniture production.  


The inexpensive availability of high-power laser beam sources is increasingly opening up new possibilities in laser materials processing. Precitec's cutting heads are the tool of choice for these applications. They are characterized by excellent power stability. Smart process monitoring also enables a significant increase in productivity and quality of the end product.


Our products stand for: 

  • Excellent cut edge and surface quality 
  • Increased productivity through automation, as well as process expertise and smart systems engineering 
  • Efficient material use with premium parts for optimum service life
  • Stable processes through robust product design in combination with reliable process monitoring 


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