Modularity for your machine concept

Industry proven and reliable

No matter whether you need a simple or very complex design of the welding optics – we adapt to your machine design and your requirements. The modular construction kit allows flexible configuration options and easy integration into your system. From "low-power" to "high-power" laser applications, you will always achieve a high degree of economic efficiency with our welding optics.

Economical laser welding in the medium power range

  • First-class productivity with low downtime
  • Consistently high welding quality
  • Optionally with LWM sensor for online process monitoring



Modular laser welding optics YW30 / YW52

  • Automated laser welding up to 20 kW
  • Reliable in everyday industrial use
  • Can be combined with quality monitoring systems


YW30 / YW52

Modular laser optics for cladding with metal powder

  • Flexible for many applications in additive manufacturing
  • For repair, surface finishing and 3D print
  • Online quality monitoring of the structural height


Focussing optics YC52

Laser optics for cladding with wire

  • 100% material utilization
  • Creation of filigree structures and 3D shapes
  • Automatable and highly flexible



Further Product Categories in the Area of Laser Welding