Line Sensors

The CHRocodile CLS line scan sensor is the ideal tool for precise 3D inline inspection in industrial manufacturing applications. The sensor delivers ultra-precise distance and layer thickness data of the sample along a line. The 3D structure of your sample is determined in a very short time through fast line scanning. The line sensor’s chromatic confocal measurement technology supplies data of extremely high lateral and axial resolution, enables measurement of any kind of material, and functions without shadowing effects – even for complex geometries. Typical applications for this line scan sensor include measuring displays or determining the topography of semiconductor chips.


Our Products

CHRocodile CLS 2 high speed 3D confocal line sensor

Picture of product CHRocodile CLS 2.0
  • Next-generation 3D confocal line sensor 
  • High speed, utmost precision
  • Solves a wide variety of measuring tasks
  • No shadowing
  • Right probe for every measuring task
  • High point density

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CHRocodile CLS | CLS HS

  • No shadowing effects
  • Outstanding lateral resolution
  • High numerical aperture optical probes in outstanding quality

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CHRocodile CLS

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