Line Sensors

CHRocodile CLS line sensors are the ideal tools for accurate and reliable 3D inline inspection in a wide range of manufacturing applications. They deliver precise distance and layer thickness data of a sample along a line, and their scanning speed allows a sample’s 3D structure to be determined in a very short time. Their chromatic confocal measurement technology supplies data of extremely high lateral and axial resolution, enables measurement of any kind of material, and functions without shadowing effects – even for complex geometries. Typical applications for these line sensors include measuring displays or determining the topography of semiconductor chips.

The CHRocodile CLS 2 Pro is a versatile workhorse offering the optimum combination of great speed, long line length and a high acceptance angle. The CHRocodile CLS 2 combines very high speed with measurement accuracy, while the CHRocodile CLS HS enables precision measurements, especially on dark samples and surfaces. The whole CLS family is well suited to a wide variety of measuring tasks and ensures no shadowing thanks to the co-axial set-up.


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Line Sensor CHRocodile CLS 2Pro

Product picture CHRocodile CLS 2Pro
  • Unique line length-NA combination for high-speed inspection
  • For a wide variety of inspection applications
  • High throughput

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High speed 3D confocal line sensor CHRocodile CLS 2

  • Next-generation 3D confocal line sensor 
  • High speed, utmost precision
  • Solves a wide variety of measuring tasks
  • No shadowing
  • Right probe for every measuring task
  • High point density

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Picture of product CHRocodile CLS 2.0

CHRocodile CLS HS

CHRocodile CLS
  • Ultra-precise inline quality control
  • High lateral resolution 
  • For inline measurements
  • Angled version available

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Precitec line sensors portfolio

Line sensor CHRocodile CLS 2Pro

  • Unique combination of high line length and up to 45° acceptance angle, e.g. 8 mm with 38°
  • Scans at up to 36,000 lines /sec
  • High point density of 21 million measuring points 
  •  Excellent lateral resolution


Line sensor CHRocodile CLS 2

  • High speed, high acceptance angle and excellent resolution
  • Optical probes with the highest numerical aperture of any CLS device
  • High point density of 21 million measuring points 


Line sensor CHRocodile CLS HS

  • Outstanding lateral resolution
  • No channel cross-talk
  • Relatively high speed compared to other line sensors in the Precitec portfolio

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