Laser cutting

Best cutting quality at highest speed

Powerful cutting optics up to 30 kW


Complete optical solutions

2D laser cutting with fiber and disk laser - everything from one source

Efficient systems for your laser cutting machine

Automated cutting tasks with high quality

For all your laser cutting requirements and machine concepts, Precitec offers tailor-made total solutions and has gained worldwide recognition as the market leader in laser cutting.

One like the other - reliable performance in 24/7 operation

Integrated, intelligent sensors help you to monitor and automate the cutting process. This allows you to make your production task more efficient, transparent, and economical. The process is permanently stable and precise. Optimized cutting qualities are achieved, and production rejects are avoided.

Market leader in the field of laser cutting


Generations of

cutting heads since 1994


Millimeter thick steel

cuts through our cutting heads


Installed complete solutions

consisting of laser, beam guidance, and cutting head

> 0

Cutting heads

in industrial use worldwide

We can do more than just first-class products

We develop individual solutions and see ourselves as your partner over the entire product life cycle.

Our comprehensive service package - consulting & support.

  • Project planning, tests, and preliminary trials
  • Commissioning, training, and maintenance
  • Spare parts, service, and repair

International presence - quickly accessible for you in all important markets.

Product Overview Laser Cutting

ProCutter Zoom 2.0 - Maximized flexibility with the ultimate all-rounder

The cutting head ProCutter Zoom 2.0 provides a maximum and flexible performance in a minimum of space. It generates the perfect beam…

ProCutter 2.0 - Laser cutting with power up to 30 kW

1000-times reliability in use: the ProCutter 2.0 impresses worldwide with its high performance and automation. Its reliability and…

LightCutter 2.0 - Efficient and economical in the medium power range

The LightCutter 2.0 is the ideal solution for all laser cutting applications in the medium power range up to 6 kW. Whether 2D, 2.5D…

SolidCutter - Complex 3D laser cutting

The SolidCutter enables the machining of spatial geometries with highest accuracy. It convinces in the 3D machining of complex…

MiniCutter - Small all-rounder for thin sheet thicknesses

The MiniCutter is a real all-round talent for thin sheets. As a simple and compact plug and play solution, it provides you with very…

FormCutter Plus - Flexible & highly productive robot cutting

The FormCutter Plus enables cut-outs of complex workpiece geometries with the highest precision. Especially for agile robot…

FineCutter - High precision & burr-free fine cutting

The FineCutter offers you a versatile solution for the wide range of applications of laser cutting in precision machining. It is…

All-In-Light Disk Laser

With "All-In-Light" we offer you the best complete optical solution based on disk laser technology for your flatbed and tube cutting…

All-In-Light Fiber Laser

The latest fiber laser series "All-In-Light Fiber" is a cost-efficient and reliable complete optical solution for your laser cutting…

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