Point sensors – the right solution for your application

Whatever your measuring task is, we can offer you the right solution.

CHRocodile point sensors measure topographies, form tolerances, and roughness on any kind of surface and thickness of transparent and infrared transparent materials. These high-precision point sensors use optical chromatic confocal or interferometric technology to enable non-contact measurement of thickness, distance and topography. Their extremely high lateral and axial resolution, robust applicability under widely differing conditions, and ease of integration make them a versatile tool in industrial production environments.

Enovasense point sensors, a recent addition to Precitec’s sensor portfolio, use laser photothermal technology to measure the thickness of opaque and semi-opaque coatings, e.g. paint, polymer, organic, ceramic or metal coatings, clearcoats or glue. The laser device allows fast punctual, non-contact and non-destructive measurement of the part in question.

Which point sensor do you need?

CHRocodile product portfolio

CHRocodile Mini confocal sensor

CHRocodile Mini confocal sensor picture

CHRocodile Mini - mini size, maxi performance

  • Low-price, state-of-the-art confocal sensor
  • Small footprint: compact dimensions and lightweight
  • Non-contact displacement, thickness & distance measurement sensor for precize and stable measurements on any material
  • Effective on curved, uneven and rough surfaces
  • Different measuring probes for optimal coverage of your measurement requirements

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CHRocodile 2S | 2SE | 2S HS

  • Works on all kinds of surfaces and materials
  • No shadowing effects
  • Ideal for inline measurements
  • Measurement at high angles
  • Exactly the right optical probe for your measuring task

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CHRocodile CHR 2S

CHRocodile 2 IT

CHRocodile 2 IT
  • Ultra-fast
  • Wide measuring range
  • Excellent on differing surfaces
  • Exactly the right probe for your needs

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CHRocodile C

  • Optoelectronics and optical probe in a single housing
  • Value for money
  • CHRocodile C HS, high sensitivity version available

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CHRocodile C

CHRocodile 2 K

CHRocodile 2 K
  • Plastic wall thickness measured
  • Precision results
  • Compact design
  • Exactly the right probe for your needs

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Enovasense product portfolio

Enovasense Point Sensor

  • Next-generation laser photothermal probe
  • Light in weight and easy to integrate
  • Works on all types of coatings 
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Suitable for inline or at-line integration
  • Highly versatile

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