Automated 2D and 3D laser cutting

Tailor-made solutions for your application

Precitec offers customized solutions for all your laser cutting requirements and machine concepts. 2D laser cutting is the most common application. Flat materials of various thicknesses made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or non-ferrous metals are processed with great dynamics and high cutting speed. 3D laser cutting systems are widely used in the automotive industry, especially for agile robot applications. Various intelligent sensor solutions help to ensure that the laser cutting process is permanently stable and precise, to obtain optimized cut qualities and to avoid production rejects. 

Economical laser cutting in the medium power range

  • High cutting speeds due to low weight
  • Process-stable machining of thick materials
  • Easy and quick maintenance


ProCutter Thunder

Automated 2D laser cutting up to 60 kW

  • Highest cutting speeds
  • Excellent quality of the cut edges
  • Intelligent sensor technology for stable processes


ProCutter 2.0

Maximum flexibility with the ultimative all-rounder for 2D laser cutting

  • Excellent cut quality on your 2D cutting machine
  • Wide range of cutting applications up to 12 kW
  • Highest output and reduction of rework


ProCutter Zoom 2.0

Complex 3D laser cutting

  • Processing of spatial geometries with highest accuracy
  • High dynamics & great freedom of movement
  • Reliable cutting results



Highly productive robotic cutting

  • Complex, high-precision 3D cuts in series production
  • High dynamics through additional axis system
  • Working under demanding conditions


FormCutter Plus


Laser cutting of thin sheet thicknesses

  • Efficient 2D and 3D applications up to 4 kW
  • User-friendly solution at an attractive price
  • Reproducible cutting qualities



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Burr-free laser fine cutting

  • Precision machining for thin metal sheets und complex 3D components
  • Clean cut edges und perfect slit widths
  • High imaging quality of the optics



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