Rapid return to productivity

Inspection and repair from one source

Precitec laser heads are robust, precise, and designed for long-term reliability. With the same high-quality standards, we provide fast help in case of repair or needs - worldwide. As a developer and original manufacturer, we offer inspection and repair from one source. Efficiency that gives you security and allows you to return to productivity quickly. 

  • Quality - our support also works in local markets
  • Security - we repair on the basis of a preliminary offer and prior approval
  • Know-how - "End-of-Life" products can be repaired by us, for this you will receive a detailed estimate from us in advance
  • Efficiency - our large stock of spare parts and accessories speeds up every process
  • Exchange - if necessary, you will receive a device or component from us in exchange

Get your repair job to us quickly

1. Via our online repair registration

  • Select your country and your product
  • Please enter your data 
  • Describe the error as precisely as possible
  • You will receive your transaction number directly - We will contact you immediately

Online repair registration


2. via the RMA form

  • Download the form
  • Specify error description and service request
  • Address completely
  • Name contact person and contact details
  • If you want it to be quick - give us a budget if you wish
  • Send the form together with the defective component to our repair department

Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
Repair Department
Draisstr. 1
D-76571 Gaggenau, Germany

Download RMA form

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