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What our trainees and trainers say

"Different skills are needed in the various areas and I am therefore expanding and improving my current skills more and more.

Through the training I have already learned to work independently and if problems arise at work, to solve them independently and to prove my own initiative. Challenges arise every day and overcoming them is a lot of fun for me. I look forward to gaining more skills and knowledge in the future."


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Get to know each other

Deciding on a profession and how to make the most of your talents and skills is not so easy. Our advice - get a personal impression. We offer many opportunities to get to know our team of trainers and other trainees in your area.



If you are about to finish school and are interested in an apprenticeship with us, we would like to get to know you. This begins with your written application, by post or by e-mail. It should consist of these parts:

  1. A short cover letter. Please write about the apprenticeship you are applying for and what you are particularly interested in. A few sentences about yourself and why you think you are particularly suited to the chosen profession will help us to get a first impression.
  2.  A curriculum vitae in tabular form. It should contain the schools you have attended, the current one at the top, and your last professional activities, if there are any. Internships or similar should also be included in your CV.
  3. Your certificates. We need the last three school reports or professional certificates. If you want to obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification or the general university entrance qualification, we need your secondary school leaving certificate and your last certificate, which you have received. Your school-leaving certificate you simply hand in to us.   
  4. Training usually starts in September. The application deadline for the current year runs until June 30th.

Here we go

First, we will confirm receipt of your application. After reviewing and checking the documents, we will get back to you, which may take a few days. Next step is an online interview for introducing yourself. 


If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help.

Your Recruiting-Team: