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Intelligent distance control during laser cutting processes

The CutBox Pro bundles previous Precitec distance sensor functionalities into a single, modern hardware. It ensures increased stability of your cutting process through new functionalities such as real-time adjustment of the focus position. All sensor values are monitored in real time and visualized in the GUI. Take advantage of the wide range of configuration options to make the most of the availability of your cutting system.


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Real-time adjustment of the focus position
CutBox Pro for smart process stable distance control


  • Real-time monitoring for increased machine availability

    The EtherCAT® or ProfiNET® interface enables permanent monitoring of all sensor values in real time. Thanks to the GUI specially developed for the CutBox Pro, you have these sensor values in view at all times and can react quickly to deviations. This leads to increased machine availability and more output.

    The GUI offers a wide range of configuration options, such as setting parameters for focus and distance control as well as setting threshold values.
  • Stable processes for your productivity

    Precitec's precise distance sensor technology still represents the reference in the field of 2D and 3D laser cutting. The CutBox Pro combines previous functionalities in a single hardware. EtherCAT® or ProfiNET® compatibility enables fast communication with reduced cycle times. The advanced real-time adjustment of the focus position optimizes the stability of your cutting process, increasing the productivity of your cutting system.

    Device description file ProfiNET CutBox Pro  

Technical data

  • Inputs: 2x analog (0..10 V)
  • Outputs: 2x analog (out 1: 0.. 10 V, out 2: -10.. 10V)
  • Fieldbus interfaces: EtherCAT®- or ProfiNET®
  • Measuring range: 0.1 - 30 mm
  • Cycle time: 1 ms

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