Intelligent quality monitoring for e-mobility

Innovative and efficient laser welding solutions


Automotive Glas

Paint thickness measurement of electronics

Protection of printed circuit boards against moisture and dirt


Solutions for the automotive industry

Discover our range of optical quality inspection and automated laser technology

Many systems in the automotive industry must meet the special requirements for safety and automation. Our intelligent solutions in the field of 3D measurement technology and laser technology help to make your production task more transparent and economical.

Laser cutting of battery foils

In battery production, coated foils of different materials and thicknesses are separated and later assembled into complete prismatic cells. For the processing of these thin layers, which are mostly made of copper or aluminium, the laser can show its strengths to the full. Mechanical separation processes often lead to damage to the surface coating - with the laser, the workpiece is processed without contact in the coil-to-coil process. By using process gases, possible particles are discharged downwards, so that the material surface is not contaminated. A dynamic and precise distance control ensures a high quality of the cutting edges and low burr heights.

MiniCutter - Small all-rounder for thin sheet thicknesses


Economic laser welding in the automotive industry

Durable welded joints through intelligent quality monitoring are indispensable in the automotive industry. The extremely high dynamics with maximum precision make the laser a highly economical and versatile production tool. However, a component is only successfully welded when the quality of the laser welding has been checked and documented. These are our strengths – making us a partner in the automotive industry.

Attractive laser welding solutions for e-mobility

The demand for innovative and efficient laser welding solutions is also increasing in the field of e-mobility. Precitec offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for the series production of electric motors, battery cells, or power electronics in the automotive industry.


Precise measurement of surfaces and shapes in the automotive industry

Growing technical and safety-related requirements also increase the demands on quality control. We offer the automotive industry a wide range of solutions for the optical measurement of surfaces and shapes.  

These include, for example, the automated inspection of automotive glass and high-speed measurement of glass thickness. Protective coatings or the roughness of cylinders are also measured with high precision, using Precitec sensors.

In the field of electronics, it is very important to protect assembled circuit boards from moisture, dirt, or corrosion. A sufficient lacquer coating also serves as an electrical insulator. Here, as well as with the insulation layer of hairpins in the field of e-mobility, non-contact testing and measurement of the layers provides very good production quality.

Versatile laser cutting in the automotive industry

Be it on an automobile or a commercial vehicle - Precitec laser cutting optics offer you the advantages of good quality and high precision with simultaneous high processing speeds and without necessary reworking of the cut edges. They enable the diversity of variants required by the market at the latest possible point in time in the production process. Complex component geometries and formed parts for the automotive supplier industry are implemented with the help of 3D laser cutting.

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