Efficient and highly productive scanner welding

Dynamic and economical remote processing for your laser welding processes


The ScanMaster offers an attractive solution for scanner welding for a wide range of applications in automotive engineering. The focus here is on precise, accurate and reproducible production, for instance in the contacting of power electronics or battery cells in e-mobility.

Whether high-precision distance measurement, autofocus function, high-resolution image processing or even integrated process monitoring - the ScanMaster combines all these functions in a single system. This gives you the perfect all-in-one solution for your laser welding process.

  • Stable process with component recognition and autofocus
  • Increased process reliability through intelligent process monitoring and control

Smooth production process with ScanMaster

Thanks to the modular design, all performance characteristics can be tailored to individual customer requirements. All modules used are industry-proven and represent the perfect interaction between scanner, camera, distance measurement and process monitoring.

  • Part position detection with camera
  • Motorized collimation for highly accurate control of the distance
  • High-precision distance measurement with OCT
  • 2D scanner for highly dynamic processing
  • F-Theta lens with lighting and CrossJet
  • Process monitoring
  • Inspection of the laser power 


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