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ProCutter Thunder

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Processing of different material thicknesses - permanently stable and fast

The ProCutter Thunder stands for efficient and economical laser cutting in the medium performance range. It shows its advantages to the full-on flatbed systems: It offers permanently stable and precise operation. The highly dynamic drive for fully automatic adjustment of the focus position ensures short non-productive times and flexibility.


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Laser cutting head ProCutter Thunder


  • High cutting-edge quality

    The basis for smooth and right-angled cutting edges with minimal burr is the ultra-stable and drift-free distance sensor system. Even at very high accelerations, it guarantees a constant distance between the component and the head. Cooling of the head provides reproducible results in series production. 
  • Low service costs and less downtime

    If the cutting head needs to be serviced, the design allows quick and easy access to the optics. A necessary change of these requires only half the time. Built-in protective glasses safeguard the valuable optics from the direction of the process zone and the fiber bushing, significantly extending service life.

Technical data

  • max. laser power: 6 kW
  • Focal length collimation: 100 mm
  • Focal lengths focusing: 150 mm, 200 mm
  • NAmax: 0.12
  • Dimensions (WxD): 116 x 113 mm
  • Vertical focus adjustment range: +15 to -20 mm

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