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Monitoring your laser welding processes in real time

The Laser Welding Monitor LWM 4.0 is used for the online process monitoring in many areas of industrial production in 24/7 operation. In series production, it detects and documents a wealth of quality and productivity relevant information to the laser welding seam. Thus, quality fluctuations caused by component tolerances, contamination, or different material batches can be monitored and detected.

lasere welding product
laser welding product


  • 100 % traceability and transparency

    The system is easy and intuitive to use and provides you with helpful data on your laser welding seam. The allocation to each component is done via communication with the system control/SPS. All data is stored and documented continuously, even during ongoing production. In combination with online backups, the LWM 4.0 thus enables 100 % traceability and transparency of your laser welding processes - even after many years.
  • Reduction of reworking

    The reliable complete solution detects changes in welding parameters, deviations in the weld seam, and binding defects. Component deviations such as burr at the weld joint or faulty clamping devices are detected, as well as deviations in the welding depth. The fingerprint of the welding process is determined, compared with the signals of your current production, and transmitted in real time. Thus, welds can be specifically classified and rejected in case of abnormalities. This is a significant contribution to the reduction of rework.
  • Intelligent adaptation of error detection

    The introduction of new material batches into production can lead to systematic, erratic shifts in process signals. These values can be detected by the intelligent software package and the good part classification can be automatically adjusted. Due to this automatic adaptation, good parts are still classified as good parts and therefore no need for a new teach-in.
  • Detection of trends

    During the mass production process, wear and tear of individual machining tools occurs. This can influence the joining process and thus the quality of the laser weld seam. The LWM 4.0 process monitoring system detects this systematic, continuous shift in signals and provides the user with early feedback via adjustable warning levels. Furthermore, these trends can be evaluated via individual statistics.  

Technical data

  • Application area solid-state lasers: IR/blue/green and CW/pulsed
  • Integration for fixed optics, scanner and laser-internal
  • Flexible interfaces: TCP/IP, fieldbus, digital I/O
  • Application examples: e-mobility, battery, body-in-white, seats, gears, airbags, consumer electronics, micro welding
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