Laser technology as a complete solution

Fiber and disk laser technology - everything from one source

Precitec offers you complete optical solutions for 2D laser cutting from 1 to 20 kW. We rely on fiber laser and disk laser technology. You receive everything directly from one source: from the laser power source to the fiber optic cable to the cutting head. This means that you need only one provider for everything to do with the entire optical chain solution, as well as a fast response time worldwide with regard to commissioning and service.


Our service for your productivity

Maintenance and care is simple and user-friendly thanks to the modular laser design. Thanks to remote access, up to 80 % can be solved economically without on-site use. If a service call should nevertheless be necessary, the internationally positioned service team and the availability of spare parts make it possible to react quickly and provide immediate service. We are positioned for you worldwide.


All-In-Light fiber laser

  • Complete solution for your 2D laser cutting machine
  • For laser power from 2 - 20 kW
  • Beam shaping within milliseconds
  • Laser marking with low power mode


All-In-Light fiber laser

All-In-Light disk laser

  • Everything from one source for your 2D laser cutting machine and pipe cutting machine
  • Best beam quality with stable performance and efficiency
  • For laser power from 1 - 12 kW
  • Insensitive to back reflection


All-In-Light disk laser

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