Precitec acquires majority stake in Paris-based Enovasense

Precitec has acquired a majority stake in the French start-up Enovasense with its technology to measure the thickness of all kinds of coatings on any substrate. The remaining shares are held by the two founders, Jean Inard-Charvin and Geoffrey Bruno, who will continue to lead the company on its growth path. Closing took place on 30 November 2022. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Enovasense has developed an innovative laser technology to measure the thickness of all kinds of coatings (e.g. metal, ceramic, paint, polymers, glue, etc.). The laser device enables fast, non-contact, non-destructive measurement of any coating – without damaging the material measured. The customer portfolio of Enovasense includes a number of major industrial companies. Up to now, their patented laser-based technology has been mainly sold in France, but also in other countries via sales partners.

Enovasense’s sensors will broaden the field of possible applications for Precitec customers through their ability to accurately measure the thickness of opaque layers or coatings as well as nanometer-thin coatings. The enhanced portfolio will further strengthen the position of Precitec in markets such as semiconductors, consumer electronics or e-mobility, while offering Enovasense tremendous growth opportunities.

Dr. Thilo Wersborg, the Precitec Group CEO: “By acquiring a majority holding in Enovasense we have gained a young dynamic team with a promising technology and a proven track record in the French market. Enovasense’s products perfectly complement our high-quality monitoring and 3D metrology portfolio. Furthermore, the customers of Enovasense as well as ours can benefit from our worldwide sales and service network.”

Jean Inard-Charvin, the co-founder and Président of Enovasense, sees not only the financial side of the deal but, in particular, the sales power of the Precitec Group : “Enovasense and Precitec share the conviction that the value we provide to our customers comes from cutting-edge technology. This shared DNA and Precitec’s network will allow Enovasense to bring more value to more customers.” Geoffrey Bruno, the co-founder and Directeur Général of Enovasense, adds that “integrating a large and renowned group such as Precitec will allow Enovasense to provide customers with a global presence and service”.


The Enovasense team in Paris is now part of the Precitec Group

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Thickness measurement of opaque and semi-transparent coatings with laser photothermal technology.

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 직원 프레시텍 인도

Precitec India 설립

기대와 함께 새로 설립된 Precitec India Pvt. Ltd.의 모든 미래 직원은 새로운 장의 시작을 기념하는 중대한 축하 행사에 모였습니다. 이번 행사는 열정과 함께 위대한 일을 이루고자 하는 열망이 특징이었습니다.

Precitec 경영 책임자인 크리스토프…

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Laser World of Photonics는 Precitec에게 멋진 전시회였습니다.

뮌헨의 Laser World of Photonics는 훌륭한했습니다.

뮌헨의 Laser World of Photonics에서 정말 좋은 한 주를 보냈습니다. 레이저 및 포토닉스 산업을 위한 세계 최고의 플랫폼으로서 사용자, 빔 소스 제조업체 및 시스템 제공업체의 혼합으로 이 전시회는 특히 중요했습니다.


Precitec은 이 활기찬…

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Precitec은 New Champion 커뮤니티의 일부가 되었습니다.

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클래딩 헤드 CoaxPrinter가 Ringier 기술 혁신상을 수상했습니다.

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Precitec Optronik winner of Prism Award 2023

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24 companies across eight categories were honored at the SPIE Prism Awards gala evening on February 1 during the Photonics West trade show in San…

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Prism Award 2023 for Flying Spot Scanner 310

Precitec 3D Metrology wins SPIE Prism Award 2023

Yesterday evening, Precitec Optronik GmbH was awarded the prestigious Prism Award 2023 in the "Test and Measurement" category for the FSS 310 sensor…

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LASCAM systems becomes official distributor of Precitec

LASCAM 시스템이 Precitec의 공식 대리점이 됨

LASCAM 시스템은 Precitec과 공식 협력을 발표했습니다. 최근 LASCAM은 체코, 헝가리, 슬로바키아에서 Precitec의 전체 레이저 공정 헤드 및 품질 모니터링 시스템 포트폴리오의 유일한 공식 유통업체가 되었습니다. 여기에는 보증 및 사후 보증 서비스와…

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Precitec at Euroblech 2022

EuroBLECH in Hanover

We returned from this year's EuroBLECH in Hanover with a consistently positive summary. As the largest trade fair for the sheet metal working…

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